Saturday, December 19, 2009

A lil bit about me

Well I must first say how amazed I am by the responses I've been getting since I started this blog. Thanks :-D

Now to give yall a bit of information about myself. As you all know I am a college student in a major city in Florida. I am 21 years old and I have a normal life outside of being a rentboy. I enjoy to chill with my friends just like most people my age. I love rocking out to rock band, hosting parties with my friends, going out, and being involved with school. Now Ive been on my own from a very young age and was struggling through a lot. But I'm not gonna bore yall with the same sad story I feel most people have. But I am going to fast forward to my first paid experience in which changed my life forever.

I was 17 working part time and living with 4 room mates. I hooked up with this guy online just for sex. He came over was about 28 years old in decent shape and was a GREAT kisser. He came over asked if he could take a shower I said sure why not. I followed him in and he proceeded to bend me over and fuck me with his nicely think 7 inch cock. He used the body wash as lube kinda stung a bit. But pretty soon he had me moaning and I felt him buck his hips as he unloaded in my ass. He never asked or mentioned he was gonna cum. It was fucking hot tho.

After the shower I shyly asked him why he did ask me if I was ok with him cumming in me. He just said "would it have mattered if I asked?" I just laughed and said guess not. so we get to talking and he noticed how I wasn't going to school and was working and was young. He then saw a past due phone bill on my desk and asked me if I had my parents helping me out. I told him i was getting by on my retail minimum wage.

He then tells me he has to get going so I go get my clothes on from the bathroom where they were on the floor and get dressed. I walk out of my room and walk him out my apartment. When I walk back in I see a 100 dollar bill next to my phone bill. I called him up and asked him what that I was about that I didn't need his money. He just told me That I'm too cute to be going through so much on my own with no help. I told again I wanted him to return to get his money and he refused. I just said thank you and wished him my best in his life.

So that night I got to thinking ummmm If I'm too cute to be going through all this crap alone and broke maybe I can change that. So i googled gay escorts and bam I saw the boys in my area advertising themselves for a couple of hundred per session. I guess why not and posted an ad myself. It wasn't till about two days later I got my first call.

Im gonna post a picture of my body as per requested by some people so here yall go

Till the next one
TRB ;-)


  1. you're too muscular to be a twink. Very hot, love to hear what happened on your first meeting with the john.

  2. I agree with wolveriner. You are more of a swimmer's build or athletic build. You look great either way! HOT BOY! Keep up the blog and let's hear about your first meeting with the John.

  3. Really? cause most people tell me Im a twink due to the face im skinny and a 29 inch waist

  4. twinkboy: hot pic! i'd like to talk to you about getting you here to chicago.


    my profile: topseed on manhunt

  5. Your not skinny, your built just right! I think your Damn Hot!

  6. as long as u are bent over getting bred by bigger boys I'd let you call yourself a twink. Love the blog man.